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Church, family, and raw-egg protein shakes

Josh Lewis and his oldest son, David
Josh Lewis and his oldest son, David

Joshua Lewis

Every morning Josh Lewis drinks a 20 raw-egg protein shake, drops all six of his kids off at school, and hits the gym for two hours. He once was overweight, but since he started a healthier lifestyle, he has lost 90 pounds.

"I like being right spiritually and physically. I want to be happy for my family and kids. I'm either at the gym, at the store, my house - or my church."

And he definitely looks happy - especially when you visit him at Mattress Mart, a business he has owned since 2010. Born and raised in Asheville, he started with a small bed business called Rebed, but changed its business model when he received an opportunity to sell factory seconds.

Now Josh receives brand new mattresses that were Internet cancels directly at his place of business, and displays them in his showroom for a fraction of the cost. He is always ready with a smile, and enjoys helping customers find the right mattress.

"I like meeting new people - making new friends. It's good to know I'm helping somebody."

Come visit Josh at at 605 Riverside Drive, on the same side as the Salvage Station and Asheville Community Movement.


Josh and family
Josh and his wife, Kelia, and sons
Josh and wife, Kelia
Josh and his wife, Kelia
Josh and his wife, Kelia Lewis
Josh and Kelia Lewis completing the Spartan Race
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