A story about a little girl and boy who touched our hearts

About four years ago, owner Josh Lewis received a call around Christmastime from a local charity, asking him to donate a couple of mattresses to a local boy and girl who did not have beds.  Of course he said yes, and went to the store to buy the little boy a tackle box and fishing pole that he had asked for, along with a doll for the little girl.

When it was time to deliver the mattresses, Josh and his crew went to the house to meet the little boy, who was 9 at the time, and the girl, who was 5. Both children had never had their own bed. When Josh put down the box spring for the mattress in the little girl's room, the girl jumped onto the box spring and cried, "Oh my gosh! This is wonderful!" Josh had not even set up the mattress yet.

Josh realized then that both children had never had a bed in their entire lives. The boy was equally thrilled, and their reaction brought tears to his eyes. He made a vow that he would find a way to help children in need whenever he could.

Today Mattress Mart is proud to announce its new giving program - with every eligible mattress in the store that gets purchased, one will be donated to Eblen Charities so that a child or family in need can get a comfortable night's sleep. Eblen Charities in Asheville reaches out to children, adults, and families in western North Carolina in times of need. Through numerous innovative programs and partnerships, tens of thousands of families are assisted each year.

We are proud to be a part of this and we thank you for helping us make a difference right here in our own backyard.


"We really take for granted what is going on right here in our backyard." ~ Josh Lewis, Owner

Look for the tag below on eligible mattresses in our store!

A ticket that goes on eligible mattresses saying we will donate one mattress
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