The Best Brands for Side Sleepers

Are you a side sleeper? You are not alone. According to WebMD, 63 percent of Americans are side sleepers. And if you suffer from back pain, it may be the most comfortable sleeping position for you.

But what type of mattress is best for side sleepers?

When you sleep on your side, you need a mattress that supports your curved areas. Good posture is important of course, but a supportive mattress will help support your muscles and ligaments while they are in a resting stage. Side sleepers require a mattress that is not super firm, but soft enough to allow the mattress to contour to your body. 

Mattresses with memory foam are your best bet. They provide spinal alignment and support to the curves of your body, and they may have pocketed coils that can prevent pelvic rotation, which causes lower back pain.

At Mattress Mart, we suggest the following name brands for side sleepers.



With Tempur-Pedic, the Flex Collection and the Cloud Collection are your best bet. The Flex Collection offers pressure relief without that “sinking in” feeling, and the pocketed innersprings offer support and durability.

The Cloud Collection is Tempur-Pedic’s softest collection and is considered the best for side sleepers. This is also their most expensive brand, so before you make a purchase make sure this is the mattress for you. It can also sleep “hot” at night because the more you sink into a mattress the greater chances you will trap heat. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, the Tempur-pedic Breeze models may be a better choice.

Tempur-Pedic AlluraBed Mattress and the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Mattress are both memory foam mattresses said to be very supportive of the neck and spine as it keeps your body aligned while providing maximum comfort for side sleepers.

stearns and foster mattress best for side sleeping

Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster has different comfort scale ratings to help you decide which mattress first your sleeping needs. A rating between 7 and 8 has a soft feel, and these are ideal for side sleepers. They effectively contour the hips and shoulders and provide good pressure relief.

A rating between 9 and 10 (very soft) provides the maximum pressure relief for side sleepers, providing the softest feel possible and is described as “cloud-like”.

serta icomfort foam blue mattress


Serta offers six mattresses they say are best for side sleepers, ones with plus and pillow top mattresses that provide the comfort needed to help reduce pressure build up at the shoulders and hips.

  • iComfort Foam Blue Max 300 Elite Plush
  • iComfort Hybrid Visionaire Plush
  • Perfect Sleeper Coralview Plush
  • Perfect Sleeper Caledonian Plush
  • iComfort Hybrid Observer Super Pillow Top
  • iComfort Hybrid Applause II Plush

Do your research

There are a variety of different mattresses designed to give you a comfortable night’s sleep, but it’s best to do your research before making the investment in a new mattress. Contact Us at Mattress Mart and see what we have in our showroom; it just may be the perfect mattress for your needs. 



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