What Your Sleep Position Means About Your Personality

What does your sleep position say about you? Well according to some sleep experts, the way you sleep at night could reflect your personality when you’re awake. Here are some of the most common sleep positions and what they mean.

Spread-Eagled Starfish

Go ahead - take up that whole mattress. As you can imagine, this position takes up the whole bed as you spread your limbs wide like a starfish. What does it mean about your personality? You’re a true friend, eager to listen and to help a lending hand.

Fetal Position

This is one of the most popular sleeping positions, especially among women. Your knees are curled towards you and tucked into a safe little ball. According to some studies, this position means you’re tough on the outside but soft on the inside. You’re shy at first, but once you open up, you are relaxed.

The Log

Lying on your side with your arms by your side is called the Log position, but instead of meaning you’re boring or stiff as the name implies, it actually means you’re a social butterfly and have a very outgoing personality. Characteristics include carefree, easy-going, friendly and social, although also gullible.

The Yearner

As if reaching out for something, the yearner is the position where you sleep on your side like a log, but have your arms reaching out in front of you. It indicates an open nature: you’re cynical, but still open-minded. You may be slow and suspicious when making a decision, but once you’re mind is made up you stick to it. Also, you’re not as gullible as the log sleeper.

The Soldier

The soldier position is when you sleep on your back with your arms by your sides, much like a soldier in military stance. This is not a very common position, but those who sleep this way are said to be reserved and have high standards for themselves and others. They take themselves very seriously and are very structured. This may also mean you’re single because you most likely SNORE. 🙂

And If You Snore...

Snoring can have personality traits as well. Researchers have found that people who snore are more likely to have extreme emotions, which manifest in hyperactivity, aggression, or depression. Snorers are known for their passion and their ability to live each moment to its fullest.

The Freefaller

The Freefaller means you are lying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and head turned to the side, making you look like a skydiver free-falling through the sky. Not everyone likes sleeping on their stomachs, but some people love it. Personality traits include bold and sociable, but when it comes to criticism or uncomfortable situations, you don’t have thick skin to handle things smoothly.

The Pillow Hugger

Pillow Huggers like to hug their pillows and snuggle up in bed. They cherish their relationships and have close, personal bonds with their family, friends and significant others. They tend to be people-pleasers, and may attempt to help others instead of themselves on occasion.

The Thinker

This position is a lot like the fetal position, except you’ll always have a hand gently resting on your chin. This position means your emotions run high and vary between two extremes.

Which One Are You?

There are many positions that people find themselves in when sleeping, but the most common ones are the positions listed above. Do any of these positions and their personality traits ring true with you? Or perhaps you sleep in more than one position? Either way, it's fun to pay attention to which position you sleep in more often and see if it matches the personality trait in the study. Happy sleeping! 


Sources: https://www.scienceofpeople.com/sleeping-position-says-personality/


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