Why Adjustable Beds Are Worth It

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Did you know adjustable beds provide medical benefits? Aside from improving sleep, providing comfort and relieving pain, adjustable beds can also help with arthritis pain, back pain, and improve blood circulation. Because you can maneuver an adjustable bed into various position, you can find the optimum sleeping posture that provides the least amount of discomfort.

If you just had back surgery or you’re suffering from a medical ailment that is causing your sleep to suffer, you may want to consider an adjustable base to help improve your overall health and wellness. Using pillows to prop up your body will often cause an uneven amount of support and can result in more discomfort; investing in an adjustable bed is a more long-term and reliable solution for supporting your body while you sleep.

Improve Blood Circulation

If you suffer from swollen legs or feet, an adjustable base can elevate your legs and help reduce the swelling by improving circulation. If you have poor circulation, diabetes or high blood pressure, an adjustable bed can help you achieve better comfort throughout the night and during the day.

Back Pain

An adjustable base enhances a mattresses’ contouring action to provide even more support and reduce pain. Many medical professionals recommend sleeping on an incline to help relieve backache, and it is suggested that those who suffer with lower back pain sleep with a slight incline with extra support under the knees; this can help to take the pressure off the spine, making it easier to sleep. This can also stimulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation of damaged tissue.

If you’ve undergone back surgery, a flat mattress can aggravate the problem and cause tension to build in pressure points. An adjustable bed can offer better support, reduce joint compression and prevent stiffness and soreness. 

Arthritis Pain Relief
Arthritis affects an estimated 21 million adults in the United States, causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. An adjustable base can help relieve aching joints by relieving pressure and properly supporting the joints, something a regular mattress cannot do.

Reduce Acid Reflux Symptomsserta adjustable base motion essentials

If you or your partner have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), an adjustable bed is a good way to get a better night’s sleep. Sleeping with your head and body partially elevated allows gravity to help your stomach from leaking into your esophagus, causing heartburn.

Massage relief

Most adjustable beds have a massage feature to really help relax you and provide a good night’s sleep. The massage functions are often customizable, so you can enjoy a head or foot massage while you unwind from your day. Check out the Maximize Adjustable Base we carry at Mattress Mart: It offers a dual massage feature with constant pulse and wave.

Stop the Snoring

Does your partner snore? For many couples, snoring is a major issue. An adjustable base can help reduce snoring by using the remote control to elevate the position of the head just slightly. By elevating your head, it enables the air to flow more freely and reduces the vibrations that cause snoring, and when you’re congested, it can even support drainage and keep sinuses clear. A flat mattress usually causes a narrowing of the airway, which enhances snoring.

Shop our Bed Boss Adjustable Bases

An adjustable bed can drastically change the way you sleep, and we all know better rest has several benefits for the mind and body. To learn more about adjustable beds, stop by Mattress Mart on Riverside Drive​ and try one out for yourself. Ready to experience a better sleep? ​Shop our Adjustable Beds​.

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