Why You Should Upgrade from a Queen to a King Mattress

The extra room has more benefits than you think!

Young man and woman resting on the bed top view sleeping with a dog

Thanks to our ongoing King Mattress sale for $599 here at Mattress Mart, we often hear the question, “Why should I upgrade to a king mattress?”

Going to a king size bed actually does have its advantages, and depending on your sleeping arrangement, it may be the perfect bed size for your situation. Here’s how you can determine which mattress size is right for you.

Does your current mattress feel small?

Some of us like to spread out while we’re sleeping (see Starfish position). If you’re finding yourself on the very edge of the bed in the morning, or feel your feet sliding off the side, then it’s time for a bigger bed. Feeling cramped in your sleeping space can have a negative effect on your sleep.

Is someone new sleeping in your bed?

Two adults can sleep comfortably on a queen size bed, but perhaps you bought the mattress when you were sleeping alone and you now have a new bed partner. If your partner tosses and turns throughout the night, a queen mattress can suddenly feel cramped. A king mattress would give both of you the extra room you need and provide a more restful sleep.

A new bed partner can also mean a child or pet. If your child likes to snuggle up to you in the night - or your dog prefers to sleep by your feet (or on them) - you’ll enjoy the benefits of a bigger mattress.

Are you moving to a bigger room?

A bigger room can handle a bigger bed, and in some cases, a large bedroom looks more visually balanced with a king size bed. If you’re moving to a bigger room, consider upgrading to a king as long as the dimensions fit well into your new space.

Do you sleep differently than your partner?

Let’s face it: Different sleep patterns can be cause for resentment in the bedroom. Your partner may like going to bed early, but you prefer a later bedtime. Perhaps your partner likes to watch TV in bed, snores, or tosses and turns - and instead of getting the sleep you need, you are staring at the ceiling, envisioning their demise.

A king mattress could be the answer to a more harmonic relationship. It minimizes disturbances and provides plenty of space, so you and your partner can be yourselves without disrupting each other’s sleep patterns and habits.

Will your sleeping situation change in the near future?

Before you buy a new bed, consider what your sleeping scenario will look like in the next few years. Do you plan on getting a new pet? Are you moving to a new house? Will you move in with a partner? It’s hard to know for certain how your situation will change, but if you do have big plans in the works, you can mattress shop accordingly.

Size matters

The dimensions of a king-size mattress are 76 inches wide by about 80 inches long, which is about 16 inches wider than a queen-sized mattress. This means you’ll get about 30 percent more sleeping space in a king. That’s a lot of stretching room!

Don’t settle - you deserve a great mattress

A good night’s sleep is super important. Don’t put off getting a new mattress if you’re finding yourself waking up tired and possibly achy. At Mattress Mart we are offering king size mattresses for only $599 - and that includes top brands such as Serta, Stearns and Foster, and Beautyrest. Come visit Mattress Mart and upgrade to a king mattress; the savings - and the benefits - will surprise you. 


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